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Dear Customer.
For the past 17 years I have worked as a fashion/film photographer and traveled the world with my work at Merrild Studios. Especially the trips to California and New York have provided inspiration for what I think is good style and quality. After photographing for many large Danish fashion brands, I wanted to open my own shop with the style that I myself can vouch for 100%. This is the start of a new chapter in my life. And I/we go 100% all in!

I've always been driven by speed and style - whether it's on a skateboard, surfboard, motorcycle or mountain bike, you need speed. But it's just as much the vibe that exists in the three subcultures that I'm driven by! For me, style never matters - it's personality.

Buy less cheap junk that you won't be happy with anyway. Buy quality! The most sustainable thing is to keep your things for as long as possible. That's the ideology behind Jakes Apparel. Therefore, the items you find in the shop are designed to be used and worn. But not thrown out.

I have found the best out there and brought it home.

I had a good chat with a friend about clothes and fashion the other day. We quickly agreed that fashion doesn't matter - but experiences, emotions and personality rocks! When you buy clothes, choose with your heart and not what others tell you to buy. Buy things that suit you and only make you happy. Buy quality that can be felt right into the soul! Live life and feel what a fantastic ride it can be!e!


Jakes Apparel is part of "Jake and Bird" who also

Dress the Bird is run by Jake's fantastic wife Helle Bendsen.


Sincerely. Shop owner, photographer and film director.

Jacob Jakes Tjellesenen

Jake's Apparel

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