Om Jake's Apparel

Dear Customer.
How wonderful you have chosen to look at this webshop. For the last 17 years I have worked as a fashion/film photographer and traveled the world with my work. Especially the trips to California and New York have provided inspiration for what I think is good style and quality. After shooting for many big Danish fashion brands, I felt like opening my own store with the style that I can vouch for 100%.

I have always been driven by speed and style - whether it is on surfboard, motorcycle or mountain bike, then there must be speed. But it is just as much the mood that exists in the three subcultures I am driven by! For me, style never matters - it's personality.

Buy less, but buy quality! The most sustainable thing is to keep your things for as long as possible. That's the ideology behind Jake's Apparel. Therefore, the items you find in the shop are designed to be used and worn. But not thrown out.

I have found the best in the world and taken it home.

Right now we are only two people in the project, but we have big visions for this shop.

Sincerely. Owner, photographer and film director

Jacob Tjellesen

Jake's Apparel