Bailey Hats

The Story of Bailey Hats USA

 In 1922, George S. Bailey, a man with a penchant for hats, founded the Bailey Hat Company in Los Angeles, California. Bailey saw the burgeoning need for a hat company that not only catered to the West Coast market, but one that also catered to the Western apparel market. George Bailey saw a large and yet untapped customer base in Southern California and dedicated himself to providing these customers with good quality hats and great styling. The American West was booming, and Los Angeles led the charge.

A population explosion was underway, and due to the proliferation of ranches, farms, mines, oil fields, and of course, movies, Southern California's economy grew at a breakneck pace. Los Angeles-based film studios accounted for nearly a fifth of California's annual production business in the early 20s, and it was there that George Bailey would start his business. He directly addressed the needs of the 'New West', outfitting Southern California ranchers, businessmen, oil tycoons and the newest segment of the population, movie stars, with 'the best possible hat'.at'.

Today, Bailey designs explore the juxtaposition of Hollywood elegance and Western toughness, and are influenced by both directional culture and fashion, serving as a unique framework for original design. The collection consists of timeless products that customers buy again and again, as well as cultural statement pieces that are unique and packed with style.l.