We have chosen sunglasses that are of the highest quality and at the same time have a design profile that is inspired by the good old designs. And all the glasses match our clothing style. A good pair of sunglasses is as much a part of your styling as anything else you wear. And why compromise here. Polarized lenses and a strong frame.

We've got an exclusive collaboration with Vallon - the world's coolest sunglass brand. Jake's Apparel is the only place you will be able to come in and try, buy and feel Vallon's most amazing designs. And the only place online (besides Vallon itself) to be able to buy them.


About Vallon:

VALLON was founded by two Swedish brothers with a deep passion for outdoor sports and a shared vision: to reinvent sports eyewear by creating products which were classically good-looking and functionally high performing. This meant digging deep into sports history, borrowing inspiration across everything from traditional high alpine designs to 70s movies, to create unique new high-performance styles. After years of rigorous development and testing by our team and field of experts, we partnered with industry leaders Carl Zeiss as well as developed our own proprietary lens technology to create the most unique, fair-priced, and best looking performance eyewear on the planet. Classic style, maximum performance.

Classic Style

We're like Tarantino - always paying homage to the past when creating something new. We're dedicated to making the best possible performance eyewear without compromising on style. All products are designed in-house and are unique to VALLON.

Maximum Performance

Quality is everything, and our V52 lens technology has been developed to rival virtually all performance sunglasses in terms of optical clarity. We even equip all our lifestyle sunglasses with performance lenses so wherever you find yourself, we've got your eyes covered..


Better Value

By going straight to the source and delivering the products directly to you, we're able to cut out the enormous overhead costs of large eyewear retailers. These savings are passed on in the form of premium high-performance sunglasses and goggles at a better price.

'Plastic Commitment

For every pair sold we commit to cleaning up 1 kg of plastic waste, providing a working salary for those in need. Every donation is traceable using blockchain technology to the time and place the plastic was picked up on your behalf.