Oodoo Boots

Billy Lagré er 3. generation skomager i Spanien og hans kone Valérie har været med til at lave deres helt egent design som tager udgangspunkt i klassisk tung kvalitet med vægt på det mere Rock n' Roll udtryk end du finder i din lokale skohandler i en dansk gågade.

Med såler der er støbt af omsmeltet gamle motorcykel-/bil-dæk bliver den connection der er gået efter komplet. 



With the famous Goodyear stitching process we’re so fond of, longevity is guaranteed! The first stitch joins the welt to the upper and the insole, and the second joins the welt to the sole.

The result is a so-called “overhanging” edge, characteristic of Goodyear stitching, which gives the shoe total waterproofing and unfailing resistance. What’s more, they can be resealed ad infinitum.


Authenticity at its purest

Oodoo is a counterweight to the uniformity and tendencies of the fashion market. It’s a brand with no greenwashing, no products imported from the other side of the planet. In other words: no concessions on quality or on the making of it.

By offering original and sustainable creations, Valérie and Billy give their customers the freedom to buy the best for their style and for their feet.