Dunville Apparel

The idea with Dunville Apparel is that"sustainable"is not enough. The clothes must be better than anything else you know:Higher quality. Longer shelf life. More delicious to the touch. Completed, down to the smallest detail. The collection is exclusively classics that do not go out of fashion. Because we all need to buy less, but better. It makes a bigger difference than we imagine.

That idea, in turn, places demands on manufacturers. Everything is sewn in small passionate factories in Italy. No one is better than them. None. We have 100% control of the production chain and know our suppliers. Everything is certified and you will find all info under the products.

It is complicated to do something simple. It has taken a long time to develop the collection, but in March '21 Dunville finally launched. They are also headquartered at the foot of Mols Bjerge, Ebeltoft.