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“I had a good chat with a friend about clothes and fashion the other day. We quickly agreed that fashion does not matter - but experiences, emotions and personality rocks! When you buy clothes, choose with your heart and not what others tell you to buy. Buy things that suit you and only make you happy. Buy quality that can be felt right into the soul! Live life and feel what an amazing ride it can be!e!”


The webshop Jake's Apparel stands for a personally selected style for people who find cool designs and open landscapes interesting. A world of classic quality and a touch of vintage.

Buy quality! Throw out less clothes! Keep what you love. And if you want more to love, then this is it.

And very soon, our new showroom will open in the middle of Aarhus' new hip neighborhood next to the freight train. The address is nothing better than named after our favorite DJ Kjeld Tolstrup. at Kjeld Tolstrups Gade 104. (Opens 1/3 -22)

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