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Description of the item:

Velvet and suede in a delicious color.

This is a great archetypal basic sneaker in high quality.

From Australian Globe with roots in the surf and skate environment and with a delicious vintage look.

We love the colors of the raw suede and the burgundy line that gives a great contrast to your trousers.

This shoe can take some beating as it is designed to be skated hard. It also has a wonderfully soft sole. And you stand low in the shoe, which provides good balance and reduces the possibility of wiggling.

Measure your foot standing from the wall to the tip of the toe.

US 6.5 size 39.5 EU
US 7.5 str 41 EU
US 8.5 str 42 EU
US 9.5 str 43 EU
US 10.5 str 44 EU
US 11.5 str 45 EU
US 12.5 size 45.5 EU
US 13.5 str 46 EU
US 14.5 str 47 EU


25 cm foot US 7 (street 39)

25.5 cm foot US 7.5 (size 41)

25.9 cm foot US 8 (Size 41.5)

26.3 cm foot US 9 (Size 42.5)

26.7 cm foot US 9.5 (Size 43)

27.5 cm foot US 10 (Size 43.5)

27.9 cm foot US 10.5 (Size 44)

28.4 cm foot
US 11 (Size 44.5)


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