Age of Glory

Age of Glory, the collection of vintage clothing and accessories,
which is a big part of the vintage motorcycle world.
To go on a trip or in daily life, Age of Glory provides the opportunity
to be perfectly equipped, without compromising on comfort or
the style. Be yourself, simply. Age of Glory, the genesis ... 70s, the Californian
desert, mythical motorcycle races and legendary riders ... Who never has
dreamed of getting on a Triumph before the movie On Any Sunday by Bruce Brown
or Husqvarna Desert Sled, next to Malcolm Smith or Steve Mc Queen?
Or to compete with Mert Lawill on the Sacramento mile? To ride"
through these dry infinities, driven by the only spirit of flight and
fairy tale? … For some of us, this time was the golden age of the true motorcycle,
there was then a special atmosphere, of new freedom, which every one tries to
find in its own way today, through craze for special and vintage motorcycles. It's always the same feeling that carries us when we put on the helmet to
come and pick up some friends before we go on a trip on hidden
country roads ... Feel the wind in your face, get lulled by machine noise, and share
this pure moment of escape with friends, it is priceless. Transcript
this state of mind in a clothing and accessories collection, that's what we
suggests through the products of our brand Age of Glory.