Rebuild Yamaha Sr 250 1999

In December 2020 I was more restless than usual. The Corona restrictions were over both ears and I needed a quick project where I could go all in on the garage. A cheap project where it was primarily a visual rather than a functional job. A quick search on the web and I found a Yamaha Sr 250 from 1999 for DKK 9000 with new plates and everything.

It was perfect. A small, easy city bike that should have a ride in Jake's garage. And the theme had to be fast and raw - scrambler/tracker style. A motorcycle you can throw around the city and on a forest path. Low weight and one cylinder.


I stripped it for: handlebars, lights, speedometer, seat, fenders, tires, air filter, springs and exhaust. Then I was left with a frame that was nice and a stable little engine.


Air files from Dna were fitted and the tank was painted light turquoise with a two-component clear coat on top..


The choice of tires was very important to the expression of this little case. And Continential has developed the perfect raw off-road tire with the least rolling resistance. Tweenduro.


Immediately, it was only the wiring that teased. When you take a headlight from a Yamaha, there are so many wires hidden in the light that you think it's a lie. Some of them are nothing special. Difficult to figure out - but when you first want to clean it up, you can quickly lose track of it. But keep it simple was the theme and it had to look like a garage build.


All in all, I bought parts for DKK 8,000 and it was finished in about 30 days. Boom! A wonderful small and fast 250.. Most parts can be bought online and I am especially happy with the free flow stainless exhaust. Fantastic sound and maximum output via the air filter. No need to mess around here..

Handlebars are 820 mm and with a perfect position for standing in the footrests.

It can be done so simply. Total price approx. DKK 18,000 and it is just as fun in the garage as on the road or in the forest/field.




 In the end I borrowed my good friend Anders' workshop and made a small film..