Portræt af et menneske #01 - Claus H

Cinematographer -Claus H.
  • Claus Høyner is a cinematographer and lighting man on various films and series. 8 years ago, Claus bought his first motorcycle and immediately chose to rebuild it. The choice of style fell on retro bobbers. So he found himself a 1998 Honda Rebel 450 for cheap money.e.
“There was a hole in the tank so there was nothing else to do but change it to a slightly random found and adapted tank. But to the advantage that it got its own look”

“I found a handlebar from Builtwell that had the look I was after. And when the sissy bar (backrest) came on, it was as it should be.“

  • After driving a lot in the city and a few small road trips - he replaced it with a Honda VT 600 from 97. But something was missing.
  • The choice of motorcycle number 3 was made last year. A retro off-roader. One that can drive over everything and with the ability to overcome technical terrain.

“I found that a bobber on the beach is not much fun and looked around for an old off-roader The choice fell on a 1989 Yamaha XT600 -  The first xt with a solo shock. An old case that doesn't fail in anything special. It has a bit of difficulty going into neutral when it's hot - but if you drive 1 km/h it goes straight.e.”

  • Claus hasn't really changed that much on it. A sticker or two has been removed and otherwise it looks nice and retro.

“I have put hand guards on and drive with Dunlop d606 tires.”

"The Honda has been sold and now I mostly drive this off-roader. It's as if it's a bit more fun that there's a bit of sport in it. And an hour's play down on the beach or on dirt roads, then you're completely done a really cool way.”

  • On a trip through Norway last year, the kickstarter broke on the way off the ferry. They found an auto repair shop and had a guy try welding on the kick starters.

“But without luck. The next day we found a guy who only makes old motorcycles. He thought he had a kickstarter at home in his garage that I could just borrow. My mate and you drove him home. Got coffee and new kickstarter. He had to go out for a drive anyway. So he invited us along on all the local routes. As we stand with a view of the Norwegian mountains, the guy took out 3 Carlsberg beers from his bag. We toasted and I was grateful that an old motorcycle that can break ends up giving me a new friendship and a cool experience.

In Vietnam, just before corona, we drove for 7 days in the northern part of the country. We drove out of Hanoi. Came because of the Chinese border, stayed overnight with local families and drove the fantastic small tracks. It costs about 20k for 10 days in Vietnam. We bought the trip from @Vietnam-Bikers. We rode on new rented Honda crf 250 bikes which handled it perfectly.”

  • Claus lives in an apartment in the middle of Copenhagen but dreams of having his own garage soon.
  • Right now, Claus is working as a photographer on a Danish comedy series that will be released in the autumn.
  • https://www.claushoyner.com/
  • insta @claushoyner

Yamaha Xt